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Review of AOL Platinum Three - AOL broadband, phone and line rental | Print |
AOL's Platinum range of broadband, phone and line rental bundles offers something for everyone. The AOL Platinum Three package is made specifically for large households or if you require frequent downloading. AOL Platinum Three broadband & calls bundle is available from 31.24 a month including line rental.

AOL Platinum Three - speed and convenience

The AOL Platinum Three broadband, phone and line rental bundle has ultra-fast broadband speeds of up to a massive 24mb and it comes with a free first class N wireless router (normally 50) that gives you extended wireless range.

All AOL packages are made to provide hassle-free installation in your home and computers but if you do encounter problems then there is an 8am-midnight technical helpline so that you can get things sorted quickly and with ease.

AOL Platinum Three also includes an unlimited download allowance every month; and an unbeatable calls package with unlimited calls to both UK landlines and international (36 countries) at no extra cost to you. There are also many excellent calling features that are popular with BT such as 141, Voicemail and 1471. Also if you currently have a BT telephone line then AOL will make the switch from BT to their services for you.

AOL make understanding your payments simple with all services charged in one easily understood bill every month.

The AOL Platinum Three is on sale at a very reasonable 31.24 a month at the moment, this includes line rental, broadband and telephone services.

Check out Broadband, Calls & Line Rental Package - AOL Platinum Three from 31.24 a month including line rental

First published 11 March 2010. Please note that blog posts remain live, and any offers or information may no longer be current when you view this page.   

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