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More and more companies are making an effort to become carbon neutral - by offsetting carbon emissions, and taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and those of their employees.

And now broadband and TV companies are starting to do the same thing. So if you want to make sure that the broadband services you take have the least impact on the environment, check out the carbon neutral broadband providers below.

Carbon neutral home & business broadband providers

Sky Digital, Eclipse Residential Broadband, Eclipse Business Broadband and Eclipse SDSL are carbon neutral broadband businesses.

Sky Digital - TV, Broadband & Talk

Sky - carbon neutral broadband, TV, talk - opens in new window  BSkyB announced in 2007 that it had achieved carbon neutral status. Sky is using 100% renewable energy at its sites in England and Wales alongside combined heat and power in Scotland. 

Sky offer Sky TV, Broadband and Talk. To sign up for Sky Broadband you need to become - or already be - a Sky TV customer. Sky broadband comes with a free wireless router. And sign up online for Sky TV and get a 15 credit. Sky Broadband packages are:

Suggest Sky TV, Broadband and Talk bundles include:

Or create your own Sky combination.

Packages can be bought with the FREE standard Sky box, or Sky+ (which incurs higher one-off cost) or Sky HD (which incurs higher one-off cost and higher monthly cost).

Eclipse Internet - Residential Broadband

Eclipse residential broadband - opens in new window  Eclipse Internet is also a carbon neutral company. Eclipse announced they were carbon neutral in May 2007. They won the ISPA Best Consumer Broadband Award in 2007.

All Eclipse broadband packages come with up to 24mbps download speeds and up to 1Mb upload speeds. There are different usage allowances for different Eclipse broadband packages. 

  • Eclipse Broadband Lite 9.95 a month for 3 months then 13.95 per month on 12-month contract. 2GB monthly usage allowance.
  • Eclipse Broadband Select 17.95 a month on 12 month contract (1 & 12 month contracts available) 10GB monthly usage allowance.
  • Eclipse Broadband Pro 29.95 a month on 12 month contract (1 & 12 month contracts available) 50GB monthly usage allowance.

Eclipse Internet - business broadband and SDSL

Eclipse business broadband & Eclipse SDSl - opens in new window  With Eclipse business broadband there is no traffic shaping or port blocking. You can optimise your broadband - prioritise your email, web browsing or FTP.

All with an easy-to-use online control panel. All Eclipse business broadband packages have up to 24Mbps download speeds and up to 1Mb upload speeds. Set up is free on some packages - or if you switch to them with a MAC code set up is also free.

SDSL is a very robust data connection with the same upload speed as download speed. it runs on a separate data line. These Eclipse SDSL packages have unlimited usage allowances, with a maximum contention ratio of 10:1. There are three Eclipse SDSL packages for businesses:

 More carbon neutral broadband providers

We will add more green and carbon neutral ISPs and broadband providers as they announce theircarbon neutral status.



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